Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

[Dreamplug] DebianSqueeze_TBConfig_V0.3 GFI-Edition released

This Debian 6.0 distribution runs on's 3.3.4 Kernel and comes with preinstalled
  • Apache 2 (PHP5 and MySQL+phpmyAdmin included), Document root /dev/sdb1/www (which is on external SD-Card)
  • Mono 2.10 Framework complete
  • Support for standard USB2Serial / USB2RS485 converters such as FTDI-products
  • Automount External SD /dev/sdb1 and runs shellscript there. If not mountable, an internal M3S-uSlave on Port 62626 is launched. For further examination send M3S-Request 'a' to Slave #10
  • Note: This is a GFI Edition only, root password set accordingly
Further I created an USB-Stick image with Ubuntu 9.04 with included setup-Script to copy the install the above described distribution on internal SD-Card. Please note you may want to activate auto-installation whenever Dreamplug is started from this stick. To do so, boot from Stick and edit /root/ and uncomment the GFI-line (almost at the end of the file there). This starts the script when booting and signals finished installation with the blue LEDs.

Edit: In provided Stick-Installation the shellscript /root/gfi_setup/ has to be modified; At the bottom change version number of the Image from *v0-2.tar.gz to *v0-3.tar.gz, I mistakingly forgot to apply the changes. New Image is currently being uploaded but that takes half a night with my internet connection...


Bootable Stick for Installation on internal SD

 Operation System files for internal SD

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